Project Name Sound Hotel at Belltown

Series Magiq

Sector Hospitality

Location Seattle USA WA

Specifier Rushing Engineers: MEP Design, Lighting, Energy

Representative Agency SeaTac Lighting & Controls


Located in the heart of Seattle, the Arrivé building brings further modernization and vibrancy to a neighborhood full of award-winning restaurants, nightlife and iconic attractions. A dynamic building, the first eleven floors are dedicated to the Sound Hotel at Belltown, and the remaining top floors of the building refer to the Arrivé apartments. We were thrilled to have our products specified in the hotel’s recent renovation! Represented by SeaTac Lighting & Controls and specified by Rushing Engineers, the Magiq 4 recessed was selected for the hotel rooms. A timeless choice, Rushing Engineers specified a black trim with black inner reflectors to allow for a slight contrast to the white ceilings. This selection also reduces the glare at the ceiling surface given that these lights are situated over the bed. The result is a classic design that pulls you in, while enticing you to explore the excitement of Belltown.