Division: Exterior

Series: Eyes

Subseries: Eyes Cover

Mounting Type: Recessed

Brand: Side



Width (mm): 40

Width (in): 1 916

Height (mm): 66.5

Height (in): 2 58

Fixture Finish: BLK

Fixture Material: Plastic








Ratings and Certifications

Certified By: Certified for North American Standards

IP rating: IP65



Base Model Number: L10A0001


EYES is a collection of compact exterior recessed lights for in-ground, wall, ceiling, and handrail installation with a range of performance specifications. Sizes range between ¾” and 1 ½” with light outputs up to 300 lumens. The body is constructed of Stainless Steel AISI 316L, and the fixtures have ingress protection up to IP68. Available as a circle or square, Eyes A-1 is 80-90lm at 1.2W and can be fixed by a lock nut for accessible-false ceilings/walls and a lock spring for inaccessible false-ceilings/walls. Eyes Wall Flat uses a COB LED that generates 285-300lm at 3.5W. Intended only for wall installations, it's metalized reflector and protection glass achieve the highest output possible. With similar features, the Eyes Ground IP68 uses a COB LED for more lumens. Finally, Eyes handrail uses the spring locking mechanism and curved surface to mount directly in an approx. 42.5mm - 1 11/16"" dia. handrail for perfect path/stairway lighting.




Digital Disclamer: Not all screens are calibrated the same, and therefore, colors will appear differently between screens.