Division: Architectural

Series: Centriq

Brand: Prolicht



Shape: Round

Diameter (mm): 56

Diameter (in): 2 316

Height (mm): 31

Height (in): 1 14

Weight (kg): 0.04

Weight (lbs): 1/16








Ratings and Certifications

Certified By: Certified for North American Standards

IP rating: IP20



Base Model Number: L3856400


CENTRIQ is a track light series designed for function and versatility. CENTRIQ uses the EXACT POSITIONING SYSTEM (EPS), which was designed to for precise angling of the spot, particularly when a series of spots need to be positioned to match each other. The spots can be rotated 350° and tilted 70°. The degree settings are embossed on the fixture every 10°, and is accompanied by an audible click for each position. With the DUAL-LOCK feature, the angled position can be secured via set screw. CENTRIQ is available in 3 sizes: 2 ½” D, 3 ¾” D, and 5”D and includes a SUPER SPOT as well as a WALLWASH with Vertical Boost. The LENS PACK which includes spread lens, honeycomb or linear spread lens is compatible for more light play. CENTRIQ can also be used with the trimless channel (2LOOK4) and the linear suspension (H30). All options are available in 29 colors, creating a bespoke solution for every design.




Digital Disclamer: Not all screens are calibrated the same, and therefore, colors will appear differently between screens.