Division: Exterior

Series: Medio

Brand: Platek



Fixture Material: Glass








Ratings and Certifications

Certified By: Certified for North American Standards

IP rating: IP65



Base Model Number: L9A04100


MEDIO is a collection of drive over lights with a diameter of 8 ½”. The drive over is available with a Roll Over cover or flat design, handling a weight capacity up to 2000 Kg and impact protection up to IK10. The Roll Over cover is available with 1 and 2 light emitting apertures and available in 5 finishes: white, grey, cortex, anthracite, and bronze. The flat version is available in 3 construction combinations: full aluminum (black finish), aluminum body with stainless steel ring, and Full Inox. Full Inox uses AISI 316L stainless steel for the body and face plate and is suited for environments where extreme resistance against corrosion is needed. The standard diffusor is a tempered extra clear glass that does not distort the light quality. Ellipsoidal or sandblasted filters are optional. The LED’s range in power from 14W to 24W at 3000°K delivering up to 2205 lumens. The IP68 Full Dry ingress protection system prevents condensation inside the product.




Digital Disclamer: Not all screens are calibrated the same, and therefore, colors will appear differently between screens.