Division: Design

Series: Candelier

Mounting Type: Portable

Mounting Location: Table

Subcategory: Battery Operated

Brand: Milan



Shape: Abstract

Diameter (mm): 157

Diameter (in): 6 316

Height (mm): 250

Height (in): 9 1316

Light Distribution: Omnidirectional

Fixture Finish: MWH / GML
see color chart below

Fixture Material: ABS



Lamp Type: LED

Input Wattage (W): 2

Total Output Wattage (W): 1.6

Dimming: 5-Step Touch Dimming

Input Voltage (V): 120

Constant Voltage (V): 5



Number of LEDs: 1

Color Temperature (°K): 3000

Nominal Lumen (lm): 210




Ratings and Certifications

Certified By: Certified for North American Standards

IP rating: IP20



Base Model Number: D94049-

Series Description

Candelier is a cordless, portable and rechargeable table lamp that allows you to adjust the lighting in four levels. It’s ideal for bringing ambient light to restaurant interiors, terraces, and shelves - spaces where electricity is not available. Its light creates an intimate and warm atmosphere. The design evokes a nostalgia for times gone by, but its production method using injected ABS gives it the necessary lightness of everyday modern life.

Also Available within Series

D94049- Candelier Accent LED Lamp - 1.6W LED - 3000K - 210lm - Rechargeable Li-on 5Vdc Battery [120Vac] - 5-Step Push-button Dimming - Charging Indicator Light





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