Division: Design

Series: Collier

Subseries: Collier 1 Ring, Collier 2 Ring, Collier 3 Ring, Collier 4 Ring

Mounting Type: Suspension

Mounting Location: Ceiling

Subcategory: Pendant

Brand: Cini & Nils



Shape: Round

Diameter (mm): 320

Diameter (in): 12 58

Height (mm): 23

Height (in): 7/8

Max. Overall Height (mm): 2500

Max. Overall Height (in): 98 716

Light Distribution: Direct / Indirect

Fixture Material: Metal / Methacrylate



Lamp Type: LED

Dimming: Phase Dimming (120Vac Only)

Driver Included: Yes

Driver Location: Integrated

Driver Type: Constant Current - 120Vac

Driver Class: Class 2

Input Voltage (V): 120

Total Output Wattage (W): 13 / 16

Constant Current (MA): 350

Upon Request: (Not included - see components) Integral: Phase dimming @120Vac only



Color Temperature (°K): 3000

Nominal Lumen (lm): 2800

CRI: >90 CRI

Lamp Life (hrs): 50000




Ratings and Certifications

Certified By: Certified for North American Standards

IP rating: IP20



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Series Description

A twin-emission lamp for interiors, designed to be suspended above the table, with direct and indirect light. A central disc made of steel with mirror polish, is paired with a one to four-tiers of transparent methacrylate crowns. The luminaire’s high color rendering index (CRI) guarantees respect for color perception, while the combination between the two light sources, direct pointing downwards and indirect upwards, makes the light correct and balanced.






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