Project Name Islington Golf Club

Series Tetra

Sector Community

Location Toronto Canada Ontario

Specifier Quinn Design Associates

Representative Agency Zaneen


Islington Golf Club is excited to unveil its latest exterior lighting enhancement project, showcasing the contemporary and efficient Tetra bollard lights specified by Quinn Design Associates. These fixtures have been strategically installed along a picturesque pathway and around the outdoor patio restaurant, elevating both functionality and aesthetics. The Islington Golf Club sought to enhance its outdoor ambiance by selecting Tetra bollard lights as a key element of the lighting upgrade. Tetra features a slender architectural structure with a square base and two vertical slats that support the light source. During the day, the fixtures seamlessly blend into the environment, and when illuminated, they transform into two beams of geometrical light. This ephemeral interplay of light and shadow creates a captivating visual experience, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the outdoor spaces. The Tetra fixtures at Islington Golf Club have been strategically placed along pathways, guiding visitors and enhancing the safety of pedestrian areas. Additionally, they grace the outdoor patio restaurant, creating an inviting and well-lit environment for patrons to enjoy their dining experience. As the sun sets, the Tetra fixtures at Islington Golf Club come to life, providing an enchanting atmosphere for both golf enthusiasts and diners alike.

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