Prolicht - Zaneen: lighting distributor for architectural and technical lighting in North America

Prolicht, a fully integrated manufacturing company from the heart of the Alps, offers an extensive range of architectural lighting solutions with innovative lighting concepts. Prolicht makes a difference by providing individual configuration options in dimension, type of construction, illuminant or color to adapt to specific needs of each design space.

Panzeri - Zaneen: distributor for functional design lighting in for North America

Established in 1947, the Panzeri family has remained faithful to the values and inspiration established by the founder Carlo Panzeri. The company continues to Invest in research and quality, maintaining a mix of tradition and innovation that has always characterized Panzeri collections. Quality at 360 degrees has always been of primary importance. This objective has been pursued through constant innovation in materials, the use of advanced technology and careful attention to design. Fundamentally, the concept of sustainability is found in each of the series presented.

Platek - Zaneen: supplier for exterior corrision resistant lighting in North America

Platek is a company specializing in die-cast aluminum and is a direct supplier of molds, which it uses in the production process of their exterior architectural lighting. The company follows all stages of the production chain; design, engineering, prototyping and the manufacturing of a finished outdoor light fixture. The technical department carefully controls and tests all products for the proper level of protection, resistance to severe weather conditions and the ambient temperature.

Quasar Holland - Zaneen: provider for custom design lighting in North America

Founded in 1992, on the premise of bringing the Avantgarde to decorative lighting, Quasar Holland strives to use the newest technologies available. With that philosophy, creative designs are developed that are both energy efficient and sustainable, as well as incredibly exclusive in design and construction.

Icone Luce - Zaneen: distributor for design lighting in North America

Icone's supplied lamps are art and design pieces that grace the interiors of the most beautiful spaces in Italy and across the world; hotels, restaurants, venues museum and theatres. Due to the creativity and detail to the masterfully simplistic design to Icone fixtures, the brand has become synonymous with lighting design.

Milan Illiminacion- Zaneen: provider for scandanavian design lighting in North America

It is only the work of great designers that can fuse industrial concepts into light. Since 1960, Milan Iluminacion’s passion for geometry has been prevalent in their functional and minimalist designs. They were the first of our European partners to incorporate direct line LEDs into their lighting which maintained the compact style always underlying their designs. Now with the resurgence of the Scandinavian design trend, we present a robust collection of stylish, sleek, compact, and efficient luminaires – all certified for North American installation.

Letroh - Zaneen: distributor for lifestyle light systems for North America

Letroh was inspired to produce an innovative system with one clear intention; follow the continuous changes of a space. Its innovative track lets you position and move sockets, lighting fixtures and accessories wherever and whenever you want with a simple gesture that does not require tools. All materials are durable, and recyclable with sole manufacturing in Italy.

Ole Lighting - Zaneen: provider for design lighting in North America

Founded in 1992, it consists of a team of young people with an experience over 20 years in the world of decorative lighting. Further covering the domestic market, we export to 5 continents. Ole! Lighting is succeeding among interior projects combining original design with reasonable cost.

Unonovesette - Zaneen: distributor for functional exterior lighting in North America

Unonovesette was founded with the objective of continuing a long tradition of quality in Italian design, using high-end LED technology to deliver the best premium architectural lighting systems. We deliver innovative design with a quality commitment, developing and manufacturing in Italy and using the highest quality materials and state of the art production processes.

Tunto - Zaneen: provider for wood design lighting in North America

We create innovative & modern lighting concepts that combine sustainable wooden materials with the latest technological innovations for architects, lighting and interior designers, hospitality industry, offices, and other public spaces.

Aria - Zaneen: distributor for technical and compact architectural lighting distributor for North America

Born in 1986, Aria was able to achieve, after only a few years, a worldwide leadership position in the production of high quality professional lighting fittings within Italy. Behind the quality of its products is a proud Italian company that lives and works in cooperation with celebrated designers. Analysis of materials, technical solutions and customization are the key factors for Aria, in order to be seen as a real manufacturer partner in the lighting industry.

Side - Zaneen: provider for exterior lighting in North America

Founded in 1982, SIDE Spa is an Italian company that produces technical luminaires for Indoor and Outdoor installations. The offices and factories are operating in Lissone, near Milan in the heart of the Brianza region. Through the years, SIDE has expanded outside of the Italian lighting market, and is respected internationally for their high performing products and sustainable materials.

Cangini & Tucci is an artisan lighting company that has perfected the use of Borosilicate glass. They focus on reliable and efficient lighting fixtures, which highlight the elegance and depth of the material.

Studio Zaneen - Zaneen Toronto provider of custom local lighting design

Founded by Robert Pietrobon in 1981, Zaneen is a second generation family owned and operated business. We offer an extensive range of innovative lighting to give designers the ease and ability to work with one company for a variety of specification types. Zaneen works with some of the most renowned lighting designers, architects, interior designers and engineers in North America.

Cini & Nils - Zaneen: distributor for design lighting in North America

A love of creativity and the drive to serve a refined audience are the fundamental elements that induced the designers Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi to found this company in 1969. Precision, care for detail, elegance and perfection are the undercurrents from one design to the next, contributing to the creation of collections with innovative styling and technology.

Linea Zero - Zaneen: distributor for Pollux lighting design in North America

Born in 1973, Linea Zero was founded by Enea Ferrari. They began their journey within the children's market, and have expanded and adopted to the industry changes; producing contemporary and function lamps in their Design Collection. Their fixtures are made from two materials, Polilux and Methacrylate to ensure thickness, impact resistance, transparency and light diffusion. Their continuous growth stems from expression of design, smart lighting and innovation, and their young staff challenging design trends.

Knikerboker - Zaneen: distributor for artesian lighting design in North America

Knikerboker plays with colors and fashion trends, materials, lines and design suggestions. Each product is enriched with high craftmanship and exceptional design to accompany lighting technology. They offer high performance and long endurance luminaires, without diminishing the harmony in their artisan design.