Project Name Casa Baglioni

Series Bella, Hilow, Tubino, Zero Shapes

Sector Hospitality

Location Milan Italy


Casa Baglioni, the new flagship of Milanese hospitality, occupies a 1913 Art Nouveau building near the Brera district. The interiors pay homage to Milanese 1960s art and design, showcasing works by iconic artists. Visual comfort was the goal for every hotel area to enhance the sense of 'home' and authentic hospitality. The lobbies feature large structures from the Zero Round series, acting as both technical and decorative elements. In the restaurant, custom-designed bronze pendant lamps and mobile metal discs create a striking atmosphere. In guest rooms, lighting elements, including 'classics' like Bella, Tubino, and Hilow, serve as functional accessories defining different areas. A noteworthy design choice, Hilow elements reappear in various compositions, serving as floor lamps, pendant lamps, and wall lamps for direct and indirect lighting. Casa Baglioni, a testament to meticulous custom lighting design, stands out as a unique and enhanced experience in Milan's hospitality scene.

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