Jenna Basso Pietrobon's collection, "Break the Mold," creatively deconstructs and reimagines traditional craft, resulting in lamps that exude novelty and beauty through their charming imperfections. In this collection, nineteen plaster molds dating from the 1970s and 1990s are carefully manipulated and collaged together, resulting in exceptional and distinct works of art. The artist disrupts the traditional process by removing the forms prematurely from the plaster molds, shaping their delicate forms into something unexpected. Discover more about Jenna Basso Pietrobon's transformative artistry in our comprehensive news article.

We invite you to explore Jenna Basso Pietrobon's exceptional lamp collection and join us in championing art that breaks the mold.


"Break the Mold" is a thought-provoking documentary that delves into the world of ceramics and the transformative power of art. The film follows the artistic journey of Jenna Basso Pietrobon, who challenges the conventional use of plaster molds in mass production.

The documentary captures her process of disrupting traditional casting methods, creating captivating works that showcase the beauty of embracing idiosyncrasies. In a secondary video you can watch viewers witness a powerful performance in Milan, where the artist becomes one with her lamps, encouraging public engagement and igniting conversations.

Mission / Fondamenta

A portion of the proceeds from the “Break the Mold” collection will support The Fondamenta, a visionary project aimed at reviving the fading legacy of Nove, Italy, a small-town suffering from declining commerce and the loss of its traditional ceramic industry due to outsourcing by corporations. The Fondamenta seeks to create a remote setting where artists can gather, experiment, and create, aiming to rejuvenate the local community and pass down artisanal expertise to future generations.

Founded by Jenna Basso Pietrobon, who holds deep familial ties to Nove's ceramic community, The Fondamenta envisions a renaissance for the town through this collaborative and empowering experience. As a lighting company with shared Italian heritage and values, Zaneen takes immense pride in supporting Basso Pietrobon's extraordinary mission, raising awareness for this endeavor that redefines artistry and makes a positive impact on the town of Nove.

Jenna Basso Pietrobon

Jenna Basso Pietrobon is a versatile artist, encompassing roles as a painter, sculptor, performer, photographer, writer and activist. After obtaining her Masters in Fine Art from Columbia University, she relocated to Nove, Italy, her grandparents' hometown, to focus on her artistic pursuits.

With a passion for sustainability and utilizing existing materials, she underwent rigorous training, collaborating with local artisans and factories to repurpose discarded materials like ceramics, textiles, glass, stone, metal, and leather in her creations. Basso Pietrobon’s artistic philosophy centers on creating meaningful art; her collections serve as a way to give back to her local global community with proceeds supporting various organizations and causes.