Project Name Kruse Markit

Series Paco, Pot

Sector Retail

Location Minneapolis United States Minnesota

Specifier Firm Ground Architects

Representative Agency Pulse Products

Credits Gavin Sims


We are delighted to share our recent collaboration with Kruse Markit, where our innovative suspension lighting fixtures, Paco and Pot, have become integral components of the atmospheric design at this vibrant establishment. Specified by Firm Ground and represented by Pulse Products, our Paco and Pot suspension lighting fixtures have been carefully integrated to enhance the ambiance and functionality of the market. Paco, a series of metal bowl spotlights with acrylic diffusers, takes center stage in the centre of the market, with its unique and simple design allowing for the flexibility to focus light beams as desired. Complementing Paco is Pot, a lighting solution that brings timeless and fresh design to Kruse Markit, strategically placed above the bathroom vanity and bar top. The suspension lighting solutions seamlessly blend with the interior, providing not only aesthetic appeal but also contributing to a dynamic and efficient environment. The unique designs of Paco and Pot empower Kruse Markit to create a welcoming haven, whether guests seek a warm cup of coffee, a cold beer, or a pleasant shopping experience.

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