Project Name Sunny Naples Residence

Series Zero Shapes

Sector Residential

Location Naples United States Florida

Specifier Anamika Design

Representative Agency Boston Light Source

Credits Mary Jean Keany


The Naples Residence project is a perfect example of how establishing the right lighting is an essential component to a successful design scheme. Represented by Boston Light Source, Zaneen was specified by Mary Jean Keany from Anamika Design to provide an LED chandelier that was both visually impactful and that aligned with the dimensions of the large living space in this Naples, Florida home. Our team produced a custom 5-sphere fixture with adjustable features to serve as a bright centerpiece for the room. A special focus on technical detailing ensured that the fixture would work in unison with the surrounding furnishings and architecture. The curvaceous luminaire showcases a soft profile with a playful edge, creating a very personalized lighting solution for the client to enjoy.

Partner Panzeri