Project Name University of Toronto - Scarborough Campus Trail

Series Eyes Handrail

Sector Academic

Location Toronto Canada ON

Specifier Schollen & Company Inc.

Credits Tom Arban


Connecting the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus with the Highland Creek trail system is a winding accessible trail link that weaves through the ravine for beautiful and calming views of the forest. Zaneen was specified by Schollen & Company Inc. to illuminate the new trail link project, with the challenge of providing a fixture that could be installed into the handrail with the trim flush with the rounded surface. The result was the successful installation of our product Eyes Handrail, a recessed exterior lighting solution that perfectly fit the handrail to provide full illumination of the pathway. "The project was honored with a City of Toronto Urban Design Award (September 2021), a Society of College and University Planners Merit Award (2020) and was shortlisted for a 2020 Landezine International Landscape Award." - Schollen & Company Inc.

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