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Acoustic Design Luminaires

Where sound and light meet in harmony

We have a round-up of Acoustic Design luminaires that each feature a strategic design which represent the perfect harmony between sound and light. Driven by progression and high-tech formulation, these acoustic design luminaires marry form and function in order to be ideal options for a variety of applications, especially work spaces. All conceived to match performance, creativity and décor, these acoustic design luminaires are both incredibly versatile and cohesive. 

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Arena Acoustic – The level C sound-absorbing PET panel is inside the Arena profile, making it useful for compositions of both acoustic elements and suspension luminaires. The acoustic panel reduces up to 70% of reverberated sound! Learn more about Arena Acoustic by Panzeri.

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Zero Round Acoustic – An extension of the Zero Shapes family, this Acoustic fixture is not an electrified item because of its pure function to absorb sound – and it does that well! Paired with Zero Round and the Arena collection, this fixture acts as the perfect practical piece with a beautiful design. Learn more about Zero Round Acoustic by Panzeri.

Zig Zag Acoustic – Also featuring a Class C PET panel, this sound-absorbing suspended light fixture has a unique zig-zag design with direct/indirect lighting distribution. It’s available in the standard charcoal grey material, or with other finish materials upon request. Learn more about Zig Zag Acoustic by Panzeri.

Wire – The wire family is a new collection which features a glass tulip design that moves lightly on the shade fabric, which in turn, acts as an acoustic insulator. The design of this fixture makes it perfect for spaces looking for flexibility and soft sound absorption. Learn more about Wire by Milan.

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Acoustic lighting solutions are the sound revolution in the service of light.

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