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The Best Lighting for Offices

Part 4 of 4

Lighting solutions play a considerable role in creating a balance between comfort and performance, having a direct impact on productivity and overall mood in an office environment. In order to create an ideal workplace atmosphere, there should be symmetry between natural and task lighting to increase alertness, creativity and satisfaction, while also broadening the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the space. 



From individual office to shared work spaces, communal break rooms and lobbies, lighting shapes a cohesive environment to ensure that individuals are content and performing at their best.


Keep reading to learn more about some of the best lighting solutions for office spaces in part 4 of a 4-part series. 

Spark creativity with a system that offers the freedom to change its height and position at any given moment.

A dynamic suspension luminaire, Snooker offers infinite adjustability with its innovative Gravity Lift technology. The fixtures are fitted with the latest Bartenbach LFO dual lens technology to ensure glare-free suspended lighting with a minimal light emission opening, ideal for shifting work spaces. 

Intention: Compositions, Customization + Onsite Adjustability

Using the optional Gravity Lift available with Snooker, configure the elements in your own formation or sculpture within your space by adjusting the height and position at any time. Available in 29 standard color finishes as well as color rings, Snooker is the perfect creative outlet to match corporate branding. 

Get inspired by Snooker.

Bring the office together with a flowing solution that connects from room to room.

Super-G was inspired by skiing dynamics – high jumps, high speed – showing that this curving light is quite nimble. Embrace the ability to produce movement and fluidity in a space and create an endless run of sweeping curves or tight turns with Super-G. 

Intention: Customization + Large-Scale

Straight connecting pieces in various lengths, curves in different radii, angles (120°, 90°, 72°, 51° and 45°), and intersections bring immense versatility to the light design. 

Get inspired by Super-G.

Bring comfort and familiarity into a space by using a classic shape with a modern twist.

Not your average dome fixture, Willy is available in four different size options and different shade material options depending on the chosen size. Make an impact in a communal or breakout space with the largest size, 1000mm, providing both style and impressive light distribution. 

Intention: Ambiance + Large-Scale

This bell-shaped suspension light is reminiscent of classic industrial styles, however re-imagined with a contemporary and minimal spin. The Willy collection offers a range of solutions that can satisfy a variety of style requirements while offering impactful light output. 

Get inspired by Willy.

Be mindful of the whole environment by controlling both light and sound.

Zero Shapes is a family of light profiles composed of the Zero Ellipse, Zero Round and Zero Square. The minimalism of the structure combined with the emission of internal light gives the luminaire an incredible lightness and dynamic playfulness. 

Intention: Ambiance + Compositions

The Zero Shapes collection is designed for clustering and cascading, with the canopies sold separately to provide further flexibility in size and configuration. Also available with acoustic panels with sound absorption Class C which reduces up to 70% of reverberated sound. 

Get inspired by Zero Shapes.

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