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Decorative Exterior Lights

Six decorative exterior luminaires that will wow

Here we have a roundup of six decorative exterior light fixtures from our European partners, Panzeri and Platek. All of these fixtures have a unique feature to them, and can be used in tandem to create a beautifully landscaped exterior. Whether its to highlight an element, increase safety or to showcase the beauty of a property – a cohesive and strategic design is the focus. Keep reading to see which exterior fixtures will make you say ‘wow’! 


Venexia – A tribute to the lagoon city, Venexia was inspired by the transparency and movement of water. Replicating the shapes of the wooden “Bricola” (markers throughout the lagoon) that dot the canals, this new exterior solution is available in suspension, wall lamp and bollard applications. The collection offers essential shapes and provides a beautiful atmosphere to your outdoor space. 

Get inspired by Venexia.

Mesh – A collection of decorative exterior lights, Mesh includes surface, suspension, portable and bollard applications. The head and base are made in corrosion-resistant and painted aluminum, protection with anodizing treatment, epoxy powder base coating and polyester painting. The fixture has no visible screws, creating a sleek and polished design. The Mesh table lamp is available as a rechargeable battery-powered solution, making it ideal for settings where input power is not available such as decks or outdoor dining tables. 

Get inspired by Mesh.

Flamingo – An entire product family of exterior lights that are characterized by their long stems and extensive reach. This cylinder light is available in post, surface and suspension applications, as well as a variety of sizes so that you can find a solution unique to your space. Flamingo is protected with anodizing treatment, epoxy powder base coating and polyester painting with an ingress protection of IP65, proving that it can handle the exterior elements. 

Get inspired by Flamingo.

Chiodo – With a simple design, Chiodo will transform spaces with its subtle configuration. The product is painted following a continuous two-step paint process (epoxy-based primer + polyester-based color finish). Available in post and surface applications, with three different height options for bollards. By using different heights of Chiodo, you can create magical compositions emulating small forests of pure light. 

Get inspired by Chiodo.

Eterea – One of our most popular exterior products, Eterea is a geometrically inspired portable fixture designed with the functionality of the original kerosene lantern with the emphasis on portability. The new rechargeable version is offered in white, corten and anthracite painted finishes with an elegant leather handle that enhances its aesthetic quality. Eterea is available with a vertically adjustable steel handle that could be completely concealed. 

Get inspired by Eterea.

Blend – Characterized by its sinuous sculptural body in its bollard form, Blend not only illuminates the surrounding area while accenting the body, but is a design feature in and of itself. When turned off Blend is an art piece that merges with its natural environment. Available in post and surface applications, the minimalist design allows Blend to face into the backdrop and deliver various light plays that enhance the environment. 

Get inspired by Blend.

Exterior lighting solutions that provide harmonious elegance and functionality.

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this inspiring. 

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