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Panzeri launches an AIA credited course

Panzeri has been very active lately, releasing a film that qualifies as a credited AIA course, The Shape of Light. This exciting new film is available through Isplora now. 


"Isplora dedicates to Panzeri a film about history, between the past present and the future of our company aimed at high level training for architects.”

The Shape of Light film created by Panzeri and Isplora, a credited AIA course, is a balance between kinetics and sculpture, motion and stasis. Learning outcomes include: 

    1. Exploring light as material of the project through its shapes;

    2. The cultural and humanistic component of experimentation on light;

    3. Technical solutions and application technologies for luminaires;

    4. The phases and generating principles of lighting fixtures.

You can achieve a 1 LU/HSW credit with The Shape of Light, and go on an immersive journey between ethics and aesthetics, where light gives shape and dimension to space. Preview the trailer for Shape of Light below.

If you have any thoughts or questions regarding the new Panzeri credited course, we would love to hear from you at


Talk soon! 



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