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Milan Iluminacion, Spain

Based in Spain, Milan Iluminacion is a long-standing manufacturing partner to Zaneen, being one of the first three partners in our Design division since our opening in 1981. Milan has persistently produced innovative products that evoke continuous interest from architects and designers. They seamlessly capture the idea of combining modern luxury with functionality, while continuously expanding their aesthetic and product range. 


We’ve recently launched even more of Milan’s multifaceted lighting solutions to the North American market. Keep reading to learn more about some of the new product offering! 

Amid creates an intimate atmosphere with the use of its warm, delicate light and soft material. It is a portable luminaire, available in two sizes as a floor lamp or table lamp. Combine multiple fixtures together to create different environments while ensuring harmony in a space.

Astros brings harmony and creativity to an environment with the freedom to build different configurations. Like its name suggests, Astros creates the same effect as when we look at constellations in the night sky – they can transport us to a deep feeling of serenity. With infinite variations, this suspension and portable luminaire is a great option for projects seeking beautiful consistency. 

Get inspired by Astros.

Elea Lectura is a modern reading lamp, encouraging creativity and inspiration in any environment that it’s placed in. With its articulated and extendable arm, this fixture is an ideal option for those looking for a functional yet modern luminaire. 

Get inspired by Elea Lectura.

Equal is a collection of ash wood surface ceiling lights, available in different sizing and point of light options. This versatility provides you with the flexibility to mix-and-match different variants to cover an assortment of spaces in the same room or establishment. 

The Knock collection is comprised of a suspension, surface wall/ceiling and portable versions. By using the series throughout a space, you create dynamism in a simple and coherent way. The light emitted from the globe is warm and comfortable, while the base has a stylistic and modern feel. 

Get inspired by Knock.

Lap is a family of suspension and surface lights that feature a design of overlapping ribbons that encircle the globe of light. The use of texture generates a subtle play of transparency and light, bringing character and humanity into a space. 

Get inspired by Lap.

O-Tel delivers simplicity and elegance through its minimal expression and purity of shapes. This surface wall fixture provides indirect lighting by projecting an evocative halo onto the wall’s surface. 

Get inspired by O-Tel.

Symphony transports you into a beautiful recital with this collection of suspension, surface and portable lighting solutions. It is a very flexible and functional luminaire, that allows the user to rotate the shade to direct the light as needed. 

Get inspired by Symphony.

Twain provides infinite combinations within a single lamp. With the option of one or two shades, its unique design makes it possible to adjust its height to the desired position as well as 360º rotation. 

Get inspired by Twain.

“Milan products have always been acclaimed for their compact and slim lined lighting fixtures, combined with optimal light outputs. Maintaining this approach, their new collection reflects the thoughtfulness and simplicity of design.”


Thank you for your time taking a look at Milan’s new collection. Please let us know if you have any opportunities to use these beautiful lamps for your projects. 




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