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Panzeri's Newest Products

Panzeri launches unique new products

Always mastering the art of design and function, Panzeri has launched a collection of acoustic fixtures and luminaires that can work collectively and be paired together to create a cohesive style within a single space. 


The Zero Round Acousticis an extension of the Zero Shapes family, however unlike the other lighting solutions, Acoustic isn’t an electrified item because it’s pure function is to absorb sound. However, we are in the next stages of product development to offer this fixture in an electrified option as well. 

Zero Round Acoustic is available in five beautiful finish options – white, black, titanium, bronze and matte brass. Designed for function, the acoustic PET panel with sound absorption Class C reduces up to 70% of reverberated sound. The Zero Round Acoustic is the perfect practical piece while its aesthetics can match a space. 

The Zig Zag Acoustic is a sound-absorbing suspended light fixture with both direct and indirect lighting emission. 

Similar to the Zero Round Acoustic, the sound-absorbing PET panel is class C, allowing for up to 70% reduction of reverberated sound. The fixture operates with an integrated driver, 3000K and less than 90 CRI. It’s offered in the standard charcoal grey material, or with other finish materials upon request. 

Zero Shapes is a family of light profiles composed of the Zero Ellipse, Zero Round and Zero Square. 

The minimalism of the structure combined with the emission of internal light gives the luminaire an incredible lightness. Designed for clustering and cascading, the Zero Shapes canopies are sold separately to provide flexibility in size, configuration and design.

The Arena collection is a family of suspension luminaires made from extruded curved aluminum with an opal polycarbonate screen for the inner ring LED, and complimented with adjustable spots placed strategically around the fixture.
Arena has an integral driver and produces a strong delivered lumen package – ranging between 6700-9700 lumens. 

If you have any thoughts or questions regarding the new Panzeri products, we would love to hear from you at


Talk soon! 



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