Project Name Aburi Hana

Series Hangover

Sector Restaurants

Location Yorkville, Toronto Canada Ontario

Specifier Alula Lighting Design

Credits Aburi Hana Photographer


Aburi Hana, a One Michelin Star restaurant situated in Toronto's upscale Yorkville neighborhood, embraces the concept of a modern interpretation of the traditional Kyoto-style "Kaiseki" menu. Diners can opt for the chef's counter, offering an immersive view of the culinary artistry unfolding in the kitchen. Alula Lighting Design sought to create an intimate yet visually impactful atmosphere; our Hangover pendant lights were selected for this purpose. Leveraging modern reflector technology, these tubular suspensions efficiently directed light onto the table top. By strategically placing these pendant lights, a unique and engaging design was achieved, enhancing the patrons' experience. The dark finishes and diverse interior textures employed throughout Aburi Hana, coupled with ALULA's strategic placement of lighting fixtures, conjure a moody and enigmatic atmosphere. The result is an inviting space that encourages discovery and engagement.

Partner Prolicht