Project Name Adler University

Series Sign

Sector Academic

Location Vancouver Canada British Columbia

Specifier Public Architecture and Communication

Representative Agency Macs II Agencies Ltd.


Adler University's campus design combines dynamic architecture and design to communicate its mission dedicated to graduating practitioners who will lead social change and through degree programs, training, and community engagement focused on socially responsible practices. The university offers an immersive curriculum that invites students to solve real-world social problems. Color is a key design element for Adler's campus design. Derived from Adler’s design standards, the bold and vivid color palette creates a civic scale to a project that would otherwise be just an interior. Adler's extroverted and iconic design concept powerfully connect to the surrounding neighbourhood. Zaneen's recessed Sign fixture was specified by Public Architecture and Communication to provide a variety of color options paired with high-performance. Sign has been a formative architectural and lighting element that ensures to communicate Adler's branding standards.

Partner Prolicht