Project Name Apex at Legacy Fitness Center

Series Super-G

Sector Community

Location Dallas United States Texas

Specifier Entos Design

Representative Agency Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions

Credits Karl Ludwig


Apex at Legacy Fitness Center, located in Dallas, Texas, stands as a testament to innovation, quality, and functionality. This high-end, mixed-use development offers a comprehensive range of amenities and services tailored to support tenant needs and enhance their daily work experience. At the heart of this remarkable facility lies the Fitness Center, a hub for strength training and cutting-edge tech-enabled cardio workouts. One of the standout features that elevates the fitness experience at Apex at Legacy is the incorporation of our custom Super-G. Super-G, designed to infuse dynamism into lighting design, is inspired by the exhilaration of high-speed motion. These avant-garde luminaries captivate with their liveliness and extraordinary design freedom, providing a distinctive and energizing atmosphere to the Fitness Center. What sets these fixtures apart is the level of customization achieved for this project. Not only were the Super-G suspension fixtures specified in a custom shape, they were also uniquely tailored to match the brand logo's color palette, showcasing a custom RAL color finish that perfectly aligns with Apex at Legacy's brand identity. The unique design of Super-G brings a sense of speed, nimbleness and excitement to the space.

Partner Prolicht