Project Name Ferrari - Charlotte, NC

Series Super-G, Mechaniq, Bioniq

Sector Automotive

Location Charlotte United States North Carolina


In early 2020, Zaneen was specified by the Ferrari Design Team to find a solution for a Ferrari Dealership in Greensboro, NC. The main task was to replace the existing 0-10V dimming recessed luminaire with a high performance LED recessed luminaire. The Zaneen design staff were able to supply as requested. With the help of Prolicht we were able to manufacture the Tunable White LED recessed luminaire series Mechniq round that could be seamlessly integrated into the existing hole in the ceiling. This success brought opportunity for a new Ferrari show room in Charlotte, NC, where Zaneen was given the opportunity to do the entire showroom lights. We supplied the room with the new recessed series Mechniq and Bioniq as well as our recessed Super-G Slim. The entire team at Ferrari Charlotte were extremely pleased with the products and performance of the luminaires. The outcome is a strikingly lit showroom that combines style, function and innovation.

Partner Prolicht