Project Name Ferrari - Greensboro, NC

Series Mechaniq

Sector Automotive

Location Greensboro USA North Carolina

Specifier Ferrari Design Team


In early 2020, we were approached by the architect and designer representing Ferrari in Italy through Prolicht with a unique challenge: to enhance the existing Ferrari Dealership in Greensboro, North Carolina. The specific task was to replace the current 0-10V dimming recessed luminaires with high-performance LED recessed luminaires featuring tunable white lighting, all while utilizing the existing 0-10V wiring and ceiling openings. This project presented a significant challenge, but we were determined to find a solution. Collaborating with Prolicht, we embarked on the journey to create a specialized series of high-performance tunable white recessed luminaires, Mechaniq, designed to seamlessly integrate into the pre-existing recessed openings. These luminaires were engineered to meet the exacting standards set by Ferrari. With determination, innovation, and collaborative effort, we successfully delivered the specified solutions, providing Ferrari Greensboro with an upgraded lighting system that meets the high standards set by this iconic brand. This project showcases our commitment to engineering excellence and our ability to meet complex lighting challenges to the satisfaction of our valued clients.

Partner Prolicht