Project Name Woodland Elementary School

Series Sign

Sector Academic

Location Alexandria United States Minnesota

Specifier Design Tree Engineering

Representative Agency Pulse Products

Credits Jill Bjornberg


The Woodland Elementary School renovation project aimed to create a safe and distinctive environment that caters to the needs of young children in the community. The main objectives were to establish an indoor play park and expand the early childhood learning space. Design Tree Engineering provided the specifications, and Pulse Products represented the project. Our Sign suspension fixtures played a crucial role in enhancing both functionality and aesthetics within the school's interior. Through a thoughtful combination of color finishes and arrangements, these light fixtures contributed to an open and lively atmosphere. Additionally, they seamlessly extended the theme of nature from the school's exterior into the indoor spaces. As a result, the renovated school now boasts a bright and inviting learning space, emphasizing the importance of community and play in early childhood education.

Partner Prolicht