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An Interview

An interview with Michelle Gangel, R&D Market Team Leader at CRB Group  and Sarah Gardiner from Zaneen.

BioLabs Pegasus Park wanted lighting solutions that would perfectly suit the revamp of its 37,000 sq ft co-working lab and office facilities in North Texas. Zaneen was specified by CRB Architects, Engineering and Construction to highlight the concept of science on display with a combination of organic structures and unique fixtures. These luminaires both enhance the space and support Biolabs’ mission — to promote collaboration and entrepreneurship across its dynamic network. That clear and meaningful focus enabled Zaneen, represented by Mercer Zimmerman, to provide products that speak to this from the moment visitors enter the space.

Sarah Gardiner: What was the project timeline and is there an important/unique significance to the space? 

Michelle Gangel: This project kicked off right at the beginning of the pandemic, changing all our design workshops into virtual workshops with the client. The entire project was designed in 2020, with construction starting in 2021.  

SG: What was the project vision?

MG: Science on Display was a key factor in layout and finish for the project.  

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SG: How did the project develop in terms of design from the initial concept? 

“BioLabs Pegasus Park supports the growth of the startup ecosystem in North Texas and helps to position Dallas as the next major hub for biotech and healthcare innovation,” said Gabby Everett, Site Director at BioLabs Pegasus Park. “CRB’s expertise in creating flexible facilities and proactive design and construction counsel resulted in a center that truly meets our vision and goals.” 

SG: Why did you specify Zaneen

MG: We were looking for a couple of fixtures that enhanced the concept of science on display, and found the organic structure of the Sparks fixture to be a perfect addition at the main entry. The Snooker was a fun, flexible choice at the gathering area to provide a pop of color. Zaneen offered unique fixtures with elements that enhance the space and become pieces of artwork in the space.  

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SG: What lighting challenges did you run into from the time of specification to installation?  

MG: Given the project timeline, supply chain effected almost every project under construction. But ultimately the fixtures arrived and were installed before the grand opening.  

SG: How did Zaneen contribute in solving these challenges?  

MG: Zaneen was really helpful in providing fixture samples so the client could understand the concept, as well as product representation to help ensure the fixtures were specified as intended with no surprises in the field.

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SG: What was your favorite part about this project?  

MG: Every fun project starts with an owner that has a clear vision and meaningful mission as is the case with Biolabs. The overall design supports their business and highlights what they do from the moment you walk through the door.  


Snooker is not just any suspended luminaire; its creative installation is based on the innovative Gravity Lift (patent pending). The system offers the user the freedom to change the light in height or position at any given time. The magic of the lift system is the infinite adjustability, with an audible click every 10 cm. The magnetic installation (48 V DC) of the Gravity Lift and the unique bolt mechanism allows you to configure your own formation or sculpture within your space or geometry. 

Get inspired by Snooker 

Sparks is a modular LED lighting system or complete fixture of cylinder frosted LED heads that are available in various configurations. Customized systems can be configured, including a low profile accessory to mount the system closer to the surface (wall or ceiling). The installation solutions are endless and fit in every architectural situation. Each module can be rotated freely in 360°, making the whole system easily adaptable. 

Get inspired by Sparks 

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