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What Makes the Snooker Special?

Let's Play with Prolicht

As you may already know, our Austrian partner, Prolicht is located in the middle of the mountains in Innsbruck. And a balance of work and play is always at the core of their beliefs and way of life. And sometimes the concept of ‘play’ comes into their work, in the best way possible! 

Take a peek into the details of what makes the Snooker so special to us and many designers across the globe! 

Using the Gravity Lift System the Snooker can be configured as a functional light or as a unique design element. 

The gravity lift system allows the designer to experience play with lighting like never before. The Snooker is available with a module geometric board system or a profile system, both systems offering dynamic flexibility to adjust the location and composition of the spheres. In addition the 24 finishes, and multi-color rings, the Snooker spheres become both an art installation and lighting solution for your projects. As you can imagine, the Snooker has pushed boundaries and is an industry leader offering new a large amount of freedom to the designer and but also to the client who can easily manipulate the composition in realtime. The variable arrangements create new spatial structures, time and time again. Snooker consequently responds wonderfully to changing lighting requirements.


Sign by Prolicht - Architectural lighting fixtures

The heart of the Snooker system is the Gravity Concept.

Gravity Lift Track  

> The wire is infinitely adjustable over 1.5 m and can be extended by another 3 m. An audible click every 10 cm helps the user to adjust an entire line evenly.

> A special extension system of up to 3 m has a special locking mechanism to create the desired suspension height.

> Tool-free installation and adjustment of the Gravity Insert offers designers incredible freedom. An integrated locking system guarantees the electrical contact and a strong mechanical lock.

> Snooker uses a centralised driver and an integrated DC string to offer full control of each luminaire. A Constant Light Output (CLO) function compensates for natural decline by constantly increasing the output current of the LED throughout its life.

> Snooker can be installed in a trimless or surface-mounted profile. In addition to a mechanical connection, the magnetic fixing of Gravity Concept guarantees an electrical connection with the two integrated 48 V conductors.


Gravity board by Prolicht - an architectural lighting solution

Gravity Lift Board – Modular panels can be combined in a wide range of ways and compositions, allowing architects and designers unlimited creativity in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The panels can be equipped with or without four Snooker Gravity Lifts, which combine with light and playful colours to turn your ceiling into a graphical piece of art. Some inspiring examples of compositions with Gravity Boards:


Docking System – An ingenious docking system integrated in the sphere ensures a quick change and lock of the different types of Snooker. The range consists of a non-illuminated sphere, one with an LFO lens and a version with a Shine transparent ring (available in 6 colours), adding a special glowing accent to the Snooker.


Snooker by Prolicht - creative lighting solution for restaurant

Here are some ideas of how you can play, 


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