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Residential Team Talks: Lamps

From mood lighting to artistic statements, explore how lamps are taking center stage in 2024.

As we step further into 2024, the lamp has taken center stage in home decor, evolving from a mere functional item to a key design element in residential spaces. 


In this article, we explore why lamps are gaining popularity, spotlight some of the innovative Zaneen designs, and offer insights into how these lighting solutions can transform any space.


Why are lamps trending? A few reasons! 


1. Versatility in placement: Lamps offer unmatched flexibility in design. Unlike fixed lighting, lamps can be moved and placed as needed, allowing homeowners and designers to adapt lighting for different occasions and tasks.


2. Enhancing wellness and comfort: The increasing focus on wellness within home environments has spurred the demand for lamps that create soft, relaxing ambiences. 


3. Layering of design elements: Lamps are an excellent way to add layers to a room’s design, contributing depth and warmth through varied lighting levels and styles.’


4. Mood-enhancing capabilities: There’s a continued emphasis on creating dynamic and adaptable living spaces. Lamps are pivotal in setting the right mood, especially in spaces where the right lighting can dramatically alter the feel of the area.

A sample of Interior Lamps from Zaneen: 



Aeron: A handmade, blown glass fixture with a satin-finished inner chamber that diffuses light softly, Aeron ideal for reducing glare while adding a touch of elegance.



Book: Perfect for a reading nook or office, Book features a marble lamp base and a mid-century design, blending classic and contemporary styles. 



Liz: Crafted from eco-friendly Polilux material, Liz combines rigid and soft architectural elements to produce a visually striking effect.


MireaBoasting a mix of shapes and materials, with a structure of galvanized brass and luminous blown glass spheres, Mirea is ideal for creating a bright, cohesive environment.


PlaFocused on simplicity and indirect lighting, Pla‘s design is subtly elegant, making it adaptable for any interior setting. 


QuarzA portable luminaire in various sizes and finishes, Quarz combines Scandinavian design with a modern touch, featuring brass rings and alabaster plates for a sophisticated look.


UkeleleWith its ethnic design and handmade cord braided around a metallic structure, Ukelele offers unique ambient lighting that adds character to any room.

Explore our entire Design lamp collection.

Jenna Basso Pietrobon’s “Break the Mold” Collection – Jenna Basso Pietrobon revolutionizes traditional lighting with her “Break the Mold” lamp collection. By altering plaster molds from past decades, she creates lamps that are not only lighting devices but also standalone pieces of art that challenge conventional forms and aesthetics.


A portion of the proceeds from the “Break the Mold” collection support The Fondamenta, a project aimed at reviving the legacy of Nove, Italy, a small-town suffering from the loss of its traditional ceramic industry due to outsourcing by corporations. As a lighting company with shared Italian heritage and values, Zaneen takes immense pride in supporting Basso Pietrobon’s extraordinary mission, raising awareness for this endeavor that redefines artistry and makes a positive impact on the town of Nove.

A sample of Exterior Lamps from Zaneen: 



Dot: Embodying hyper-minimalism, Dot is designed to blend seamlessly with its environment, providing powerful lighting without detracting from the outdoor landscape.



Mariola: Featuring a lampshade made from hand-braided recycled plastic, Mariola combines sustainability with artisanal craftmanship, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to outdoor spaces.



Onna: This design uses similar sustainable materials but presents them in a chaotic, intertwined fashion, offering a bold aesthetic for modern exteriors with Onna.

Explore our entire Exterior lamp collection.

Lamps are not just about lighting; they are an integral part of home decor that reflects personal style, enhances comfort, and contributes to the functionality of a home.






Connect with our Residential lighting expert to learn more about the many portable lamps available at Zaneen. 



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