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Upcoming Lighting Trends

Trends that have caught the eye of our
Business Development Managers.

As we step further into year, the landscape of lighting design is poised for exciting advancements and transformations. At the forefront of these changes are our keen-eyed Business Development Managers, who have been closely monitoring emerging trends and industry shifts following the Light + Building expo in Frankfurt earlier this year. 


Let’s dive into the illuminating insights they’ve gathered!

“As we continue to expand our portfolio at Zaneen, we are excited to introduce a variety of innovative lighting solutions that cater to the evolving needs of our clients. Our latest additions are designed to enhance energy efficiency, improve aesthetic appeal, and provide versatile options for both residential and commercial spaces. Staying ahead of lighting trends is crucial for us, and we are committed to offering cutting-edge products that not only meet but exceed market expectations.”

Miniaturization Takes Center Stage – One prevailing trend that continues to shape the industry is the miniaturization of lighting fixtures. 

As spaces become more compact and versatile, the demand for sleek, unobtrusive lighting solutions rises. Our managers have observed a surge in designs that prioritize efficiency without compromising on illumination quality.


A few current Zaneen options that highlight this trend include: Minimal TrackImagine MicroInvaderChiodino, and Dot

Get inspired by Minimal TrackImagine MicroInvaderChiodino and Dot.

Low Voltage Track Systems – Another noteworthy trend is the widespread adoption of low voltage track systems. 


This versatile lighting solution has captured the attention of designers and manufacturers, prompting a wave of innovation as everyone strives to offer their unique take on this popular concept.


A few current Zaneen options that highlight this trend include: Minimal Track and Clicktrack.


Get inspired by Minimal Track, and Clicktrack.

Embracing Glass – Within the realm of design lighting, glass emerges as a dominant material choice.


Its inherent elegance and versatility make it a favorite among designers seeking to infuse spaces with a sense of sophistication and refinement. From minimalist pendants to ornate chandeliers, glass can suit diverse aesthetic preferences.


A few current Zaneen options that highlight this trend include: AeronCanalettoKengiLandSpan, and Zoe


Get inspired by AeronCanalettoKengiLandSpan, and Zoe.

Portable Illumination – An intriguing development on the horizon is the rise of battery-operated portable table lamps.


As flexibility and mobility become increasingly valued in both residential and commercial settings, these cord-free lighting solutions offer a seamless blend of convenience and style. 


A few current Zaneen options that highlight this trend include: CuboledEterea 2.0, and Mesh.

Get inspired by CuboledEterea 2.0, and Mesh.

Fabric Design Fixtures – In a nod to texture and tactility, fabric design fixtures are set to make a splash.


These soft, inviting luminaires add warmth and dimension to interiors, creating inviting spaces that beckon with their gentle glow.


A few current Zaneen options that highlight this trend include: AmidLapLidMariolaMorganaParallelRol, and Twain.

Get inspired by AmidLapLidMariolaMorganaParallelRol, and Twain.

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