Division: Architectural

Series: Magiq

Subseries: Magiq Wallwash Plus, Magiq Wallwash Plus Black

Mounting Type: Track

Mounting Location: Ceiling

Subcategory: Profile

Brand: Prolicht



Shape: Rectangle

Length (mm): 392

Length (in): 15 716

Width (mm): 42

Width (in): 1 58

Height (mm): 130

Height (in): 5 18

Light Distribution: Asymmetric

Weight (kg): 1.777

Weight (lbs): 3.91

Fixture Finish: SSR / BLV / CRW / CRY / HAB / LAG / UFT / ITH / RUA / RUR / MIC / FTG / MYG / TWT / LOD / PUS / FRO / FUP / KIA / POP / BLS / SPG / MEY / GOH / GUM / CHC / COM / ANB / JAG

Fixture Material: Aluminum Die Cast



Lamp Type: LED

Input Wattage (W): 48.4

Total Output Wattage (W): 44, 44.0

Dimming: 0-10V Dimming

Driver Included: Yes

Driver Location: Integrated

Driver Type: Constant Current - Universal

Driver Class: Class 1

Input Voltage (V): 120 / 277

Constant Current (MA): 700

Upon Request: 0-10Vdc dimming / 277Vac, 0-10Vdc dimming / 277Vdc



Number of LEDs: 5

Color Temperature (°K): 2700 / 3000 / 3500 / 4000

Max. Delivered Lumen (lm): 3220 / 3430 / 3538 / 3610

Nominal Lumen (lm): 3570 / 3800 / 3920 / 4000

CRI: >90 CRI

Efficiency (%): 80

Lamp Life (hrs): 50000

Upon Request: Special Color Temperature



Reflector°: 10

Adjustability: Tilt 15°


Ratings and Certifications

Certified By: Certified for North American Standards

IP rating: IP20



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Series Description

The MAGIQ series is a family of compact down-lights developed for flexible yet precise illumination while eliminating glare. This makes MAGIQ a great luminaire for creating comfortable environments such as corporate office spaces, hospitality, and medical spaces. The KORONA CONES, available in 29 colors, accentuates the MAGIQ to create themes or branding as an integral part in a design concept. The MAGIQ Wallwash with Vertical Boost feature is an excellent solution for museums and art galleries where focused light is required. It uses 5 spoon shaped reflectors positioned at different angles which enables large scale illumination of walls without significant light loss in the direction of the floor. The multi-faceted reflector ensures homogeneous light output and illuminates walls of up to 14 ½ feet in height and 6 feet in width. Available in 2700°K, 3000°K, 3500°K and 4000°K. The MAGIQ series is also available in the trimless channel system (2LOOK4LIGHT) as well as a track light (MAGIQ PLUS).



Digital Disclamer: Not all screens are calibrated the same, and therefore, colors will appear differently between screens.





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