Project Name Mercedes Benz

Series Smoothy

Sector Automotive

Location Bloomington United States Minnesota

Specifier Tanek

Representative Agency Pulse Products


The Mercedes Benz facility located in Bloomington, Minnesota is a wonderful example of modern meets comfort. In 2017, Zaneen was specified by Tanek and represented by Pulse Products, to provide a beautiful and quality product that fit the high material standards of its client. Over a 2-year timeline, the project had undergone some notable developments, one being the big switch in regards to aesthetics. Changing to a newly released design criteria in the middle of the project resulted in choosing curved and rounded edge vs the rigidity of the previous scheme. Our Smoothy fixture made for a harmonious addition to the space. The soft outlines and minimalist form of this luminaire coordinated perfectly with the new design theme. The outcome is a successful and complete redesign of the facility that provides a warm and inviting space, while also showcasing a sense of grandeur.

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