Project Name Modern Family Home

Series 2Look4, Dixit, Bo-La, Brooklyn, Do Not Disturb, Metropolis

Sector Residential

Location Toronto Canada Ontario

Specifier Brownstone Design & Co.


This modern family home models contemporary family living at its finest. Designed by a husband and wife team, (the latter is the founder and designer behind Brownstone Design & Co.) the breathtaking open-concept interior delivers modernist design principles with thoughtfully selected finishes throughout. The duo designed the home of their dreams themselves, drawing out inch by inch to specify exactly the look they wanted and picking all of the materials themselves including tiles, floorboards, siding, and of course, lighting. Brownstone Design & Co. worked with Zaneen to carefully select lighting solutions from all three divisions of Zaneen lighting - architectural, design and exterior – allowing for ease of coordination, quality and consistency by working with one brand. From the kitchen to the bathroom and every thoughtfully-designed space in between, all of the fixtures used are energy efficient, dimmable and customized in order to suit the needs and dimensions of the spaces. Since the specifications of their home were not standard, our experts provided the necessary knowledge and advice to install high-quality products to match the luxury home. Collaborating with Zaneen, Brownstone Design & Co. was able to turn lighting from just a functional element into art, bringing the overall interior design to life with the use of dark wood embellishments, gorgeous marble backdrops and more. The result is a magazine worthy home that is at once modern, comfortable, and conducive to raising a family.

Partner Prolicht, Ivela, Milan, Panzeri, Knikerboker, Zaneen