Project Name Ritz Carlton Hotel Private Residence

Series Magiq

Sector Residential

Location Canada Ontario

Specifier Crayon Design

Representative Agency Zaneen

Credits Christopher Lawson Photography


The Ritz Carlton Hotel Private Residence in Toronto, known for its luxurious and contemporary design, recently incorporated the Magiq cell downlights and wallwasher into its interior design scheme. The project aimed to enhance the ambiance and functionality of the apartment, with a particular focus on highlighting the remarkable art pieces adorning the walls and showcasing an impressive wine collection. The precision of Magiq not only highlights specific details as desired, but also creates a captivating atmosphere that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. The project demonstrated the versatility and precision of the Magiq lighting fixtures, showcasing their ability to adapt to diverse design concepts while providing exceptional lighting quality. The result is an exceptional luxurious residence with an inviting ambiance.

Partner Prolicht