A Nod to Nordic - Nordic and Scandinavian-themed lighting fixtures ideas

A Nod to Nordic

Fixtures for your Nordic and Scandinavian-themed spaces

Scandinavian and Nordic design themes are trends that have lasted decades.  Although they can be very similar aesthetics, the Nordic design features a minimalist black and white palette, versus the warmth and neutrality of the Scandinavian palette. We’re giving a nod to both of these design themes by sharing a roundup of fixtures that can fit your Nordic and Scandinavian spaces!

The Nordic and Scandinavian design trends can be linked as far back as the 19th century. It was triggered by the Industrial Revolution pushing modernism across all aspects of life. This led to residents in the Scandinavian and Nordic countries ‘revolting’ by bringing nature back into their homes. As time went on, the trends became more recognizable in the 1950s. They can be summarized by presenting a combination of minimalism, functionality and beauty. These interior design trends can also highlight emphasize comfort and coziness, or hygge, as an escape from their harsher winters. This is mostly seen in Scandinavian-themed designs. 

Bringing the outdoors in with Tunto – We have to start the Scandinavian and Nordic-themed list with our partner hailing from Helsinki, Finland – Tunto. Their extensive knowledge in woodworking and technical expertise is reflected in their bespoke lighting options, and highlights their Nordic origin. 

Tunto’s Woodlin series features minimalist linear profiles across the entire collection. They merge functional lighting with organic materials, bringing a new meaning to natural lighting. Each handmade wood fixture can be selected from a variety of finishes – ash, oak, walnut, black or white stained. So you can customize the fixture to match the palette of your Nordic or Scandinavian-themed space.

Minimalist texture with Milan – Although Milan is based out of Barcelona, Spain, they have mastered the Scandinavian and Nordic trend with their subtly texturized fixture, Lid. 

Milan’s Lid is a collection of pendant height-adjustable lights, and a ceiling light. Its Kalmar shade, aptly named after a Swedish city, features a white or black exterior with a reflecting golden lacquer steel interior to complete its identity. The softness and simplicity of the shade brings a subtle texture into the space, while still providing a direct light source for functionality. 

Illuminating charm with Ole! by FM – Ole! by FM, based out of Valencia, Spain, provides unique interior solutions using high-quality materials with respect to the environment. This gives a lovely nod to the Scandinavian and Nordic design trends.

Ole! Lighting’s Banyo features a handmade braided cord lampshade with a metal frame that illuminates charming lighting effects. The natural texture of the Banyo lampshade creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for creating hygge in a space. Banyo is available in a variety of earthy color options, including beige, green, stone, mustard, and more.

Magnified simplicity with Fambuena – Last but not least we’re featuring Fambuena, who also originates from Valencia, Spain. Known for creating a synergy of emotions through all of their lighting solutions, each Fambuena fixture achieves functionality and intangible beauty.

Fambuena’s Quarz is a more dynamic fixture, featuring a suspended chandelier style that is available in either Alabaster or Wood, with three different finish options. Although elaborate, Quarz still presents an uncluttered design that can bring warmth into a space with the natural finish texture.

With a large selection of collections to choose from, we brought you a roundup of our top fixtures with a Nordic and Scandinavian flair.

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