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Round and Round We Go

Some of our circular lights

Designers love using our multi-rings for the ease of creating unique forms and dimension in space by clustering and angling the rings.

They offer a timeless aesthetic for an array of applications. It can be a large impactful statement piece in a hospitality or restaurant setting. It can complement products in a retail store by using the rings to frame certain areas. It can also be used to homogeneously illuminate corporate office spaces.




Icone’s Diadema is made of refined aluminium creating a unique shape that is not completely round. Indirect lighting offers a comfortable yet powerful illumination, and depending on the light required, multiple rings and diameters can be used. Standard ring configurations are single, double or triple tiers. Finishes include aluminium, white and gold leaf. And for installation flexibility, offset canopies are available.

Cini & Nils’ Assolo is available in a large family which includes suspension, ceiling and wall mounted, floor and table portable lamps. The indirect light output creates a dynamic shadow on the wall or ceiling. All products offer a Color Rendering Index of 90. Finishes include black, white and matte gold, while custom finishes are available upon request. 

Glorious is one of our top sellers. Offered in three widths 65mm, 100mm, 150mm and Direct or Direct+Indirect output. Like all Prolicht products, the Glorious is available in 29 standard colors. A range of different diameters are available and can be assembled is numerous ways.

Quasar’s Citadel offers you to play with versatile rings and create the composition that is right for your space. Freedom to customise the diameter of the rings or use our standard sizes. You also have an option of two light outputs, an ease of angling the rings, and three standard finishes. A unique visual is illustrated in the Citadel through the mini 0.24W LEDs. If more illumination is required, we have a double-output version using LEDs on the outside and inside of the ring. Diameter sizes can be customised or you can use our standard diameters that range from 30 11/16″ to 78 3/4″. Available finishes are copper, brass and nickel. Citadel Grande is also offered if you would like the rings to be fixed. 

Customize the diameter.

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