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Astros Is Out of This World

What makes the Astros collection so special?

I was thinking back to the 2022 World Series and wanted to share some information about Astros… not those Astros, but our Astros!

Astros by Zaneen and our partner Milan is a lighting system that brings harmony to environments and allows you to create different configurations. It is a calm, enveloping light that comes in Suspension, Floor and Tabletop versions. Astros’ infinite variations offers the solution to common lighting requirements – stairwells, halls and large spaces, or restaurants seeking intimate lighting. 

Like constellations in the sky, Astros can transport you to a moment of contemplation and serenity with its warm and comforting light. The collection is a fantastic option for projects seeking consistency and unity throughout a space, due to the various mounting type and configurations available.

Get inspired by Astros.

Below you can see a few of the pre-configured suspension cluster options. Find these options and more on the Astros series page in the ‘Downloads’ section.

I am positive that you can find a project where our Astros would be a home run. Get inspired by Astros’ application imagery to see some of the possible settings for this versatile lighting option. 

Get inspired by Astros.

Any thoughts, questions or suggestions regarding Astros we would love to hear from you!

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