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Tunable White Technology

The benefits of tunable white technology in lighting

White light plays an important role in our visual perception of indoor spaces. Research has shown that different types of white light have a profound effect on how not only people perceive the space around them but also how they experience it. Tunable white LED technology is an emerging type of lighting solution which can produce several different colors, or degrees of whiteness, depending on the settings. This type of light presents a new dimension of flexibility for creating specific effects in a space to satisfy a broad range of requirements at any given time. 

Read on to learn more about tunable white LED technology.

What Is Tunable White Technology?

Tunable white lighting is the ability to control a light source’s color temperature output at any given moment. The color, or more precisely the chromaticity of a light source is determined by the amount of energy at the various wavelengths in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. To measure the white light produced via the tunable white LED lighting, we use color correlated temperature (CCT). CCT figures correspond to our real-world experiences of lighting, and we measure them in degrees Kelvin (K). The average LED temperature range is 2700K (warmest) to 8000K (coolest). While a 2700K bulb will cast a cozy, orange glow and an 8000K bulb will emit an icy, blue light, the brightness will nearly be the same with tunable white technology. 

How Does Tunable White Technology Work?

Tunable white lighting is achieved by manufacturing the lightbulb or luminaires with various color temperature LEDs. Using a remote control or external system, users can choose a certain color of white anywhere on a specified range. There are many components at play for this lighting technology to be operational, including DMX or DALI communication terminals, rectifiers to convert voltage, a master control system and of course the LED fixtures themselves. 

What Are The Benefits of Tunable White Technology?

There are many benefits to using tunable white LED lighting, they include: 

1. When using tunable technology, a room is now flexible and can be instantaneously adapted to create mood changes and allow the same space to be used for different occasions. 

2. There are health benefits to using tunable white technology as it can play a role in supporting our bodies’ circadian rhythms, our natural 24-hour cycle that is affected by light and dark. When you have the option to control your lighting color temperature, you can adjust it to provide the lighting that you need to either stimulate productivity with colder light or to calm your body by shifting to soft, warmer hues.

3. This lighting technology lends itself to increased productivity as you can improve moods and create environments, especially in office and academic settings, based on this knowledge. For example, you can use warmer lighting in break rooms and lounges to create comfort, whereas a cooler temperature in meeting and office spaces will improve attentiveness and therefore productivity.

4. Tunable technology can allow designers the freedom to match room finishes and interior décor at any moment to suit user preference, rather than initially selecting the color temperature during the design stage. This also eliminates the potential for issues down the road if a design changes, as the lighting temperature is able to adapt. 

5. Tunable white technology is a cost-effective and flexible solution that allows for lower energy consumption and longer lifespans, therefore making it a more sustainable option.

Where Should You Use Tunable White Technology?

Tunable white LEDs are one key element of human-centric lighting which is why tunable lighting is growing rapidly especially in healthcare, academic, office and residential applications. Human-centric lighting refers to the concept of mimicking the natural flow of daylight patterns to match our bodies’ circadian rhythms for optimal visual comfort. 

You can see the illustration below that highlights where certain color temperatures would be optimal. In healthcare settings for example, a warmer color temperature would be ideal in spaces that require comfort for patients like in a waiting room. Whereas a cooler color temperature is optimal for medical exam rooms as it allows for concentration and focus. 

Where this type of light can be used is best but not limited to such places where performance, learning and occupant experiences are most important.  

What Zaneen Products Have Tunable White Technology?

There are a few Zaneen luminaires that include tunable white technology, and there are even more coming to our product catalog soon! The current products are: Oiko ProHypro-FGinevra and Slash

It’s important to note that our entire Architectural range can be offered with tunable white technology upon request. 

Advances in understanding how light can affect design, healing, moods and productivity has created an increased demand for tunable luminaires. This type of lighting technology also presents new opportunities in the industry that go far beyond an on/off switch.

Any thoughts, questions or suggestions regarding this article we would love to hear from you!

Our direct contact is zteam@zaneen.com 



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