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The Best Lighting for Offices

Part 1 of 4

Lighting solutions play a considerable role in creating a balance between comfort and performance, having a direct impact on productivity and overall mood in an office environment. In order to create an ideal workplace atmosphere, there should be symmetry between natural and task lighting to increase alertness, creativity and satisfaction, while also broadening the aesthetic appeal and comfort of the space. 


From individual office to shared work spaces, communal break rooms and lobbies, lighting shapes a cohesive environment to ensure that individuals are content and performing at their best.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the best lighting solutions for office spaces in part 1 of a 4-part series. 

Pair seamless elegance and sophisticated technology for a complete solution.

2Look4 is a cutting edge series of trimless systems, it’s designed for seamless architectural flow and offers a variety of possible integrations. With consistent aesthetics and solutions for complex projects, this linear profile maintains a minimalist and elegant look while providing results.

Intention: Flexibility, Integration + Task Lighting

2Look4 creates three-dimensional lines of light, emphasizing the architecture and purpose of a space with its consistent aesthetics and seamless designs.   

Get inspired by 2Look4

2Look4 is a large trimless collection with a variety of subseries to select from based on your lighting requirements. The series consists of five different profile sizes – 20, 50, 80, 130 and 160 – with 50 offering both plug and track profile systems.

Team brainstorming reaches a new height with lighting that elevates its surroundings.

Aurora is a dome-shaped pendant light with a variety of light output options to customize for your space. Aurora is constructed of aluminum, with the dome available in different neutral color finish options, as well as diameter sizing. 

Intention: Luminance + Task Lighting

A light fixture is one of the few design elements that can define the purpose of a space. Aurora’s structure and impressive lumen output of up to 5442lm stimulates productivity, contributing to the intention of a communal space or meeting room. 

Get inspired by Aurora.

Integrate a track channel that offers a variety of luminaires for increased functionality and customization.

The ClickTrack system is designed with a minimalist aesthetic and glare-free lighting scheme. The visible opening makes for effortless mounting of different light fittings such as Centriq spotlights, Magiq downlights, Snooker and Hangover pendants or general LED lines. 

Intention: Compositions, Flexibility + Onsite Adjustability

The great flexibility of the ClickTrack extension system ensures perfectly coordinated lighting concepts. The extremely slim profile can run across walls and ceilings, creating three dimensions of continuous light for added performance and range of capabilities. 

Get inspired by ClickTrack.

Function and design can be synonymous with a lighting solution that embodies compelling compositions. 

Create a dazzling statement in a space that might otherwise be monotonous with Cosmos. Part of the starlight design family, this suspended fixture is configured with linear wires and lamps throughout. The entire fixture is available in either a rectangular or square shape, or as a harmonious crossing of wires in an abstract design. 

Photography credit: Garrett Rowland.
Intention: Statement. 

Cosmos brings energy and elegance into a space with its organized and harmonious design. The electric current runs though the fixtures’ wired design and modular-placed LED circuit boards are thoughtfully spaced throughout. 

Get inspired by Cosmos.

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