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Part 4, Lighting examples in Exterior Spaces of Academic & Healthcare settings

Academic and Healthcare institutions uphold similar qualifications in architectural design and function. These facilities have to maintain a certain energy and mood to ensure individuals are performing at their best. Lighting solutions play a critical role in creating a space’s function and atmosphere; from lighting design- color finishes configurations, to light performance- color temperatures and beam angles.

EXTERIOR SPACES call for an elegant balance of design and required lighting optimization in order to ensure safety, path guidance and creative integrity of the space. Lighting designs, IP ratings and efficiencies all need to be considered in order to create the perfect harmony for an exterior setting. 

Outdoor steplighting is an important luxury as it brightens the enclosed area without obstructions.

Mask and New Green are two series that provide an asymmetric light distribution, ideal for steplighting. They are made from diecast aluminum and project a sleek and clean light line.

Get inspired by Mask and New Green

Small sizes can offer technological advantages you may not have originally considered.

Caliber Wall is a unique steplighting option for its classic round spotlight shape. Sized at 2″ in diameter, this small wallwash provides the perfect punch of light in smaller places.

Get inspired by Caliber 

Exterior lighting solutions create motivation and communication.

Various mounting types from recessed, trimless to bollard lights can be used to complement one another to define architectural purpose. Nano recessed highlights the throughway steps from one bench to the next, while Tetra Parco bollard creates an ambiance for comfort and visibility.  

Get inspired by Nano and Tetra Parco

A discrete walk over light to illuminate your every step

Get inspired by Pico

Pico is under 1″ in diameter and and from Stainless Steel to eliminate corrosion from any extreme weather conditions.

Bollards add height and definition to a walkway or courtyard.

Designed with intention of function and beauty, both Blend and T4 illuminates with purpose. The T4 design transforms into 2 light beams creating a geometrical shape; whereas, Blend illuminates the ground and its body to highlight the elevated design.

Get inspired by Blend and T4

For seamless directional lighting incorporate drive-over recessed lights.

Caliber and Ranger 30 include drive-over applications in either a round spot or straight linear light solutions. Technically complimentary to one another, choose Caliber for directional light and Ranger 30 for ambient light.

Get inspired by Caliber and Ranger 30

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