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Caliber, Small but Powerful

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Caliber by Unonovesette is an extensive range of in-grade luminaires offered in various diameters, lumen output, color temperatures and beam angles, to light up an exterior environment.

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CaliberSmall but mighty, a constellation of elegant light. 

Caliber is a large series of recessed lighting suitable for both in-ground (drive-over) and wall applications. Starting at a diameter of only 25mm, these compact spots are the perfect combination of optical excellence and complete resilience. 

Illuminate with harmony, with finishes that excel in both appearance and resistance. 

For most of the Caliber family, you can choose among the aesthetic and functional stainless steel finish or go for a versatile and subtle look with aged brass.

Enhance the details that make architecture spectacular. 

Caliber is available in multiple color temperatures, including RGBW, and offers a variety of beam angle choices: narrow, wide and diffuse options.

Rhythmic and powerful lighting for large scale façades. 

Caliber 120 D engine offers 360° rotation and up to 15° tilt to illuminate with precision, while the deep recessed LED of Caliber 150 provides excellent glare control, both being great choices for lighting columns and façades.

Light your way up and down with either delicate or spectacular effects.

The entire series features Unonovesette‘s Smart Shield System which provides complete protection to every component of the fixture and risk-free installation.

You can compare all of the different Caliber models by visiting MySphere, Zaneen’s online portal that houses both informative and inspirational content.

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