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Sustainability at Zaneen

Lighting the way for a sustainable future

The lighting industry is on a constant path of innovation – meeting people’s concerns and demands, keeping up with evolving styling trends, and following environmental regulations. As environmental sustainability becomes an increasingly pressing topic, we’re inspired by many of our partners who are paving the way in the lighting industry. By considerably reducing waste and environmental impact, Zaneen is committed to eco-friendly approaches. Read on to learn more about our European partners‘ sustainability efforts!

Prolicht: Green Energy Sources

Prolicht is committing to aligning their sustainability strategy with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. One of their large focuses is on obtaining greener energy sources. For one example, the company has started converting its fleet to electric vehicles, which is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions of the company’s vehicles by 72.5 tons or 35% in just three years. Prolicht was even awarded a Gold Ecovadis Sustainability Rating in 2022 for their sustainability efforts. 

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Ole! Lighting: Sustainable Actions

Ole! Lighting’s polyester cord collection is now made form recycled plastic bottles collected from the sea and our environment, as part of their “Oceans Without Plastic” initiative. They estimate that they can remove between 6-8 tons of plastic from our environment with these lamps alone. 

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Linea Zero: Polilux Material

Linea Zero uses an eco-friendly technopolymer material, Polilux™ which contains non-toxic recycled elements. The results are fixtures that are light-weight, shatterproof, flexible and extremely versatile. Better yet, at the end of its cycle, Polilux™ can be reconverted and recycled. 

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Tunto: Organic Materials

Tunto Luminaires are all crafted by hand and made with natural, sustainable wood – not laminate or various other wood-like materials. The eco-friendly design and manufacturing method highlights their innovation. 

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Unonovessette: Recyclable Packaging

Unonovessette does not include plastic in their packaging, and only recycled cardboard in order to reduce their ecological footprint. The company also works in collaboration with km0 suppliers to help minimize the company’s CO2 emissions. 

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Quasar: Sustainability Strategies

Quasar aims to implement its sustainability strategies at all levels from management to employees to customers. A few examples include, separating waste with large containers to reduce transport movement, promoting the use of LEDs instead of incandescent lights, and utilizing green energy sources.

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Milan: Sustainable Environment

Milan reinforces sustainable working environments by avoiding any plastic products or items alike. Additionally, the majority of its production is made inside Spain, meaning its suppliers are fulfilling all European norms about evading contamination. 

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Letroh: Greener Packaging and Shipping Systems

Letroh uses 100% recyclable packaging. Each package is labeled with paper adhesive instead of cardboard ink to reduce the environmental impact. The company also offers its customers the option to avoid single-use packaging by packing pieces of large quantity orders in same container instead of using multiple. 

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Thank you for reading about our sustainability efforts here at Zaneen. If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by contacting



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