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Part 1, Lighting examples in Communal Spaces of Academic & Healthcare settings

Academic and Healthcare institutions uphold similar qualifications in architectural design and function. These facilities have to maintain a certain energy and mood to ensure individuals are performing at their best. Lighting solutions play a critical role in creating a space’s function and atmosphere; from lighting design- color finishes configurations, to light performance- color temperatures and beam angles.

COMMUNAL SPACES or open areas that are accessible to all personnel require a certain lighting design to define the purpose of the space. A light solution is most often complimentary to the architecture and creates unspoken communication for the visitor. Not only do you want to consider the general function of the room when selecting a lighting solution, but also the aesthetic and emotion you want to convey.

Bring movement and distinction into a space to compliment the architecture.

Super-G was inspired by skiing dynamics- high jumps, high speed- the curving light is quite nimble. By using straight connecting pieces in various lengths, curves in different radii (120°, 90°, 72°, and 51°), corners, and intersections, you can bring immense versatility to the light design.

29 standard color finish options are available for Super-G, as well as three distinct sizes 65, 100, and 150.

Get inspired by Super G

Make use and beauty of every corner, walkway and sitting area.

The Idaho family lends itself to a range of lighting scenarios through its extensive collection of applications; suspension, surface, recessed and trimless.

An assertive way to combine different mounting types is to explore the possibilities within the same series family. Idaho elevates the ability for merging different mounting types through the shadow-free transitions between connections of the system sections and the corner constructions. The variety within the family makes it possible to provide customized solutions from lighting performance to design requirements.

Empower creativity and distinction with linear light. Mirror the architectural structure and bring focus to key locations.

Get inspired by Idaho

Consistent and simple lighting compliments a fluid space with moving furniture and various requirements. 

Invader is a family of down lights characterized by its baffle which is available in 29 standard color finish options and designed to allow for color effects without changing the color of the light output.

With the lowest possible glare, it allows for human needs to take priority- focus on the most suitable lighting to support social interaction. The series consists of trimless, recessed surface and suspension applications. 

Get inspired by Invader

Combine visual identifiers with high performing fixtures for seamless communication through lighting.

Freely configurable profile systems enable continuous light and support visual communication.

Never Ending is an ADA compliant profile system designed as a continuous expandable system for wall installation and can be extended almost without limits. 

The laser cut lap joint made to connect two or more lengths are designed to ensure no light leakage. The product is sleek and valuable in size 110mm in height, 65mm in depth and a range of standard-length sizes or a custom configuration.


Get inspired by Never Ending

Integrate light into a handrail for a clean and minimalist spacial design. 

The series Eyes is applicable for both indoor and outdoor installations, with an IP65 rating and use AISI315L stainless steel. It includes a remote driver and has asymmetric lens option for various distribution angles.

Get inspired by Eyes

For safety and design, every step should be illuminated in a minimalistic manner for fluid visibility.  

Steplighting is a secondary light source, with primary focus to shine directly on a step for extra illumination. Invisibili is a prefect example of compact, yet impactful light distribution with elevated design options.

Get inspired by Invisibili 

A trimless solution to blend directly into your wall for that added brightness on stairs. 

Delight includes a large collection of suberies that are the most ideal steplight or pathway lighting due to a variety of beam angles, sizes, shapes and seamless installation.

Get inspired by Delight 

Pico is under 1″ in diameter and and from Stainless Steel to eliminate corrosion from any extreme weather conditions.

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