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Brand your business with 'Identity'

‘Identity’ is a unique way of branding a light fixture with laser-cut engraving. It is an ideal option for various corporate, hospitality and retail spaces that require further spatial awareness and recognition. You can engrave text, logos or any kind of graphic that suits your business and space! 

With laser cutting technology, all characters are laser cut into the aluminum profile. An acrylic screen is then added to shield the electrical components, diffuse the light and illuminate the engraved graphic. Due to the thickness of the aluminum, a subtle 3-dimensional effect is evoked from the typeface which is not achieved with inner constructions or flat stickers. 

Take a closer look at the detail in the images below. 

Identity is a great feature for branding and wayfinding. It’s available for several light collections from Prolicht, Austria in our Architectural division.

Keep reading to see what fixtures you can add your Identity to!

Glorious featuring Identity:

Super-G featuring Identity:

Never Ending featuring Identity:

Idaho featuring Identity:

Ghost featuring Identity: 

Prolicht produces an individual lighting solution, personalized specifically for your space.

Some further, technical information includes: 

  •  Characters and graphics which have a closed shape, such as A, B, D, O, P and Q, use a stencil approach (linking piece);

  • You can add Identity to the entire length of the fixture, however a 45mm (1 3/4″) buffer is recommended at the ends of the profile segments (at end caps or connecting joints);

  • The price of Identity is charged by character plus an adder for the acrylic screen;

  • The engraving can be highlighted with color if you wish to make the fixture pop even more.

Any thoughts, questions or suggestions regarding this article we would love to hear from you! You can reach us at zteam@zaneen.com.


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