Create a Choreographed Atmosphere with 35 Linear -

Create a Choreographed Atmosphere with 35 Linear

Introducing 35 Linear

A new addition to our product lineup, 35 Linear is an impressive modular system that allows for special lighting configurations and pushes the boundaries beyond just illuminating a space. With unique offerings like smoke diffuser and the control of uplight and downlight, 35 Linear checks all of the boxes. 



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“We believe in empowering choice. We provide designers minimalist products with a multitude of options. Pure shapes, clean lines and gentle apertures that deliver precise performance where needed. Imagination comes to light."

You can create endless designs perfectly suited for your space with 35 Linear. Its three-segment 35mm core allows it to be symmetrical and homogenous one moment, and asymmetric and targeted the next. With various components available to choose from, the design layouts are virtually endless. 


35 Linear can be customized with its three different types of light sources – diffused indirect lighting, diffused direct downlighting and accent lighting – allowing you to create personalized atmospheres based on your needs. It’s important to note that RGB is also available upon request as well as a smoke diffuser, which is unnoticeable when the light is on and creates a beautiful effect when turned off. 


From hidden to revealed, 35 Linear can create concealed details, be the centerpiece of a breathtaking installation or become a proper communicative element. Embrace your space and configure a shape with 35 Linear that highlights the beauty you’re surrounded by.


The 35 Linear System opens new opportunities for the use of light that go beyond illumination.

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