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As Seen on TV

Zaneen products make their dazzling debut on the big screen

A killer party calls for killer lighting! In November of 2022, ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ made its debut on the big screen and so did our Pollux suspension light. Installed above the lavish dining room of tech billionaire protagonist Benoit Blanc, Pollux plays a shining role throughout the film.



Keep reading to learn more about our show-stopping light fixtures.

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Pollux by Quasar looks structured but is still fluid and harmonious. Created with modular-placed LED circuit boards and tiny metal rods, these are the only two basic elements of this light fixture. The shape is totally irregular and asymmetrical, with the circuit boards having LEDs on both sides to allow for a complete and dazzling atmosphere. Colored cubes are now offered with Pollux to add further creative designs to this unique suspension light. 

Minions of Midas or originally known as “Los Favoritos Midas” in Spanish, is a clever adaptation of a 1901 short story by Jack London. This tight gripping thriller follows Victor a rich businessman who is blackmailed in a strange way by a secret organization. A collection of our design fixtures including our Book, Excentrica, and Luz Oculta, takes part in several rooms where the show takes place. Each fixture can be seen throughout all six-parts of the series, brightening the background as the mystery unravels.

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Book by Fambuena is a design, surface and portable light collection best suited for a reading space, library or office, with a T4 or LED retrofit system. The table lamp adds a unique mid-century fabric of marble as the lamp base. Available in six different color finish combination options.

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Excentrica by Fambuena is a family of modern wall, suspension, portable table and floor applications that redefine the classic ‘lampshade’. With an off-set shade, leaning at a 120° angle it revives the classic look. The table and floor fixtures include a marble or metal base, depending on the shade finish selected. The marble base comes with a pewter or brass finish stem, whereas the metal base comes in black or white the matching stem. 

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Luz Oculta by Fambuena is a collection of portable, surface and suspension luminaires that holds two types of product designs, Luz Oculta Metal and Luz Oculta Wood. The metal version includes a slight opening in the middle of the round lampshade for additional light and a beautiful effect. Whereas the wood version has small openings between each wood panel, creating a slight multi-directional light output and unique shadow design. 

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