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Dice, Strict Form With Strong Expression

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Dice by Prolicht is a collection of cube-shaped surface, recessed and trimless fixtures consisting of spotlights and wall washers.  In this article we’re going to focus on the design and technical possibilities available with the surface-mount fixtures. It owes its special effect to the interplay between a deep set reflector and its cubic luminaire body that produces unique beams of the light. Thanks to its purist shape and brilliant light display, Dice stages modern room concepts that are anything but square!


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Dice provides an interesting and appealing approach to lighting design. 


A well considered placement of of several units can create fantastic 3D light patterns or draw strong light contours. When used in multiplicity the Dice Wall can create a charming quilted effect on the wall. When used individually or spaced out, the series offers a lighting called Up & Down, washing the wall with a decorative, two-way beam of light for a cozy and welcoming effect.

The skillful use of color can bring an architectural vision to life with ease.


The Dice Wall light is available in 2 different sizes (100mm and 120mm) and can be refined with one of the 29 standard color options. The strong colors can be combined into patterns to create eye-catching motifs and emphasizing the purist shape without altering the effect of the light. On the contrary if you preferred to have a colored light effect, there are a selection of colored filters that can be mounted. Similar to the filters, we offer accessories that control the light effect and narrow the beam spread. 

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State-of-the-art design ensures a glare-free, pleasant light for the accentuation of special properties.


Dice guarantees maximum glare-free lighting, even though the cube is completely open at the top and the bottom. An integrated LED is fitted inside the cube in the middle of the front wall. This design makes the light source invisible from any angle and perfectly suited for staircases.

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