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Custom Division

Part 3 of 3

Studio Zaneen is the ideal partner for bringing your custom lighting visions to life. We offer unparalleled flexibility, ensuring a perfect match to your unique requirements. We unleash creativity to craft exceptional lighting designs.


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Explore materials and shapes

Ignite your creativity with the use of custom materials and shapes. From the sleek elegance of brushed metal to the warmth of natural rattan, each element is carefully selected to harmonize with your desired aesthetic. 

Glass, with its inherent transparency and luminous properties, adds a touch of enchantment to a custom lighting solution. Its light-diffusing nature creates a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadows, casting an ethereal glow that transforms any space.

The enchanting embrace of fabric in a custom lighting solution where warm and soft textures unite, creates a truly inviting ambiance. The gentle glow diffused through exquisite fabrics adds a touch of elegance and coziness to any space, infusing it with a soothing atmosphere that delights the eye. 

Modular design 

Developed entirely in-house by Studio Zaneen, this exclusive new portable light series represents a bold step forward in the realm of personalized illumination.

At the heart of this new series lies the shade, a focal point that exudes elegance and sophistication, available in a variety of finishing shape options. Crafted from premium aluminum, it embodies a perfect balance of durability and refined aesthetics.   

A polycarbonate diffuser, known for its excellent light diffusion properties, has been incorporated to create a soft and even illumination. However, we understand that different projects may have unique requirements, so we remain open to the possibility of utilizing glass diffusers when deemed necessary.

Project Profile: Auburn University

A focal point of the renovation project at Auburn University’s Lowder Hall was to modernize the building, replacing outdated styles and paying homage to the architect’s design through the installation of meticulously crafted custom lighting fixture.

From an idea to installation 

From a mere concept sketch, our team embarked on an extensive journey, crafted detailed drawings and intricate 3D renderings. Through meticulous refinement, we transformed the initial vision into a remarkable reality: a custom fixture that not only fulfilled all requirements but also remained within budgetary constraints.

The end result is a brilliant masterpiece, seamlessly blending functionality and a much-needed modern element, breathing new life into the space.

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