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Acoustic Products with Prolicht

Learn about our newest acoustic lighting collection

Discover the sound of light. One of our newest collections with Prolicht features a range of acoustic fixtures that balance the technology of acoustic lighting with thoughtful design. Designed for spaces that require maximum focus, these series provide exciting new ways of combining products to create a comfortable atmosphere in perfect harmony. ⁠




Keep reading to learn more about a selection of these innovative new acoustic fixtures.


Glorious Acoustic is an acoustic lighting solution that adds a charming flair to any space. Variable sizes and shapes, such as ovals, offer custom-tailored concepts to match the dimensions of a meeting room table or an open floor office area and beyond. The acoustic panel material adds another element to this fixture, creating an alliance between function and design. 

Get inspired by Glorious Acoustic.

Glorious Slim Acoustic plays with shapes and sizes to build a dynamic solution for your space. The geometric lights and acoustic panels create perfect harmony with excellent room acoustics to suit basic requirements.  

Get inspired by Glorious Slim Acoustic.

Hadi-Q Acoustic works as a dynamic piece of art, combining sophisticated technology without compromising design. The diecast aluminum frame holds a high efficiency edge lighting engine, shielded with a multilayer prismatic sandwich diffuser for optimal light distribution. The acoustic panel surround provides another layer of success by absorbing and diffusing the acoustics in an environment to allow for optimal working, enjoying and socializing.

Logiq is for spaces that require attention to detail and focus. The high-tech lens ensures an almost invisible light source and offers a non-intrusive design that lets the space be dominated by what matters the most- thoughts and ideas. Logic can be placed directly above noise sources, such as workstations for a creative lighting solutions that mixes function and beauty. 

Get inspired by Logiq.

Parallel is a suspended ceiling light that can focused and directed in targeted manner using reflectors. Having the light source regressed within the suspension luminaire ensures that the light in the acoustic panel almost disappears, while the rounded corners of the floating sail create a secure feeling of space. This fixture is available in two thicknesses, 24mm and 12mm and 29 standard color finish to choose from. The fibers from recycled water bottles make the material a sustainable and powerful source to meet your acoustic needs.    

Get inspired by Parallel.

Prolicht produces a totally individual lighting solution for you. Tailored to meet your project requirements.

Check out the entire acoustic collection!


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