Project Profile: Woodland Elementary School - Zaneen

Project Profile: Woodland Elementary School

Exploring the vibrant world of colorful suspension lighting

An interview with Design Tree Engineering and Zaneen.

The renovation project of Woodland Elementary School was about providing a safe and unique space to support the activity of young children in the community through an indoor play park and an expanded early childhood learning space. Specified by Design Tree Engineering and represented by Pulse Products, our Sign suspension fixtures made both a functional and a formative architectural element throughout the school interior. Combining various color finishes and arrangements the light fixture helped to create a open and vibrant atmosphere while also extending the theme of nature from the exterior. The result is a bright learning space that highlights the subjects of community and play.

Zaneen: What was the project timeline and is there an important/unique significance? 

Design Tree Engineering: The goal was to provide a safe and unique space to support the activity of young children in the community through an indoor play park and expanded childhood learning space.

Z: What was the project vision?

DTE:  A big component of the initial concept was to integrate color into the space. The owner already purchased an indoor climbing structure so the colors that were brought into the design needed to correspond with the play feature. Natural light was also so important as well as bringing in the views of the naturally wooded environment surrounding the indoor playground. The use of different sizes and colors of the light fixtures helped to bring color into the ceiling space.

Z: Why did you specify Zaneen?

DTE:  Zaneen was suggested for use on this project by our light representative at Pulse Products, Jill Bjornberg. I have used Zaneen light fixtures on past projects and have been very happy with the end result and the quality of the fixtures. 

Z: What was your favorite part about this project?

DTE:  The project was really successful at balancing the natural light and connection to the outdoor environment with the artificial indoor environment. The incorporation of color into the space through acoustical wall treatments and the light fixtures all coordinate very well and enhance the overall experience of the space.

Location: Alexandria, Minnesota

Products included: Sign

Specifier: Design Tree Engineering

Photographer: Jill Bjornberg, Pulse Products


Sign by Prolicht creates a liberal and open atmosphere by providing flair and stimulation for guests. It’s a complete family of classic architectural disks from trimless, recessed, surface mounted to suspended applications. The economical construction of the luminaires from recycled aluminum ensures their sustainability. The wide range of sizes and variants in the Sign family prove their strengths in large-scale projects. This range conveys a sense of belonging and is perfect for a variety of applications.

Get inspired by Sign 

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