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Current Design Trends

Part three of a three-part series for design inspiration

Get inspired to refresh yours or your client’s space with a collection of top design trends, and the luminaires to suit them! From the use of minimalist palettes to highlighting natural materials, keep reading to discover the last few current style trends. 


Reduce, reuse, recycle. The ECO CHIC design trend is all about sustainability and minimizing unnecessary consumerism. Selecting pieces that offer long-term durability and quality, while still creating an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. 


by Ole! Lighting

A classic shape and texture that remains in style throughout a changing space and time. Savina offers a simple design with its handmade braided cord on a conical metal structure.

Get inspired by Savina


by Linea Zero

Made of Polliux, an eco-friendly material that benefits the environment and this fixture’s design with a beautiful transparent layering aesthetic. The structure of Amanda is composed of small colorful tiles applied to an oval-shaped core.

Get inspired by Amanda


by Tunto

The smooth and elegant lines of this fixture create a graceful display of wood and integrated lenses. Swan is a collection of linear lights in suspension, portable and surface options, that all create an elegant and natural atmosphere.

Get inspired by Swan


by Platek

Manufactured to withstand extreme outdoor elements and designed to function as a go-to portable exterior light. Protected with anodizing treatment and epoxy powder base coating, Eterea is protected from and suitable for the elements. 

Get inspired by Eterea

The OCEAN HUES design trend is all about bringing the peaceful undertones of calm water indoors. The coastal-inspired style can involve various shades of blue, natural textures, and leaning on warm whites and cream tones in decor pieces. 


by Platek

A functional light available in suspension, surface, post and portable applications, with an airy design that can be pool-side or styled as an interior lamp. Mesh table lamp is available in battery-powered and is rechargeable via micro USB cable, making it an ideal solution for settings where the input power is not available. 

Get inspired by Mesh


by Linea Zero

Highlighting the beauty of a cloud in the sky, the soft layers of this elegant fixture create a smooth light. The enveloping lines of Skyline creates regined shapes of great evocative effect.

Get inspired by Skyline


by Ole! Lighting

The handmade cord wrapped lampshade introduces a new pattern and more dynamic design with its zig-zag crossing. As the name would suggest, Lluna was inspired after the sun and the moon. 

Get inspired by Lluna


by Fambuena

A rope wrapped lampshade provides slight cracks of light to reflect the texture of sand. Tali is available in three sizes – small, medium and large – in the portable, surface and suspension applications. 


The MODERN FARMHOUSE design trend is a perfect combination of the relaxed and comfortable farmhouse style, mixed with contemporary elements and finishes like smooth lines, sleek decor and practical appliances. 


by Fambuena 

Elevate a drum shaped light with this off-set shade, leaning at a 120° angle to modernize the complete look. The table and floor fixtures include a marble or metal base, depending on the shade finish selected. 

Get inspired by Excentrica


by Quasar

A refreshed look for the trend; balance the copper or brass rings in varying heights with exposed wood beams and white panels. Citadel is an open-ring fixture with lamps wrapped around the outer or both the outer and inner ring.

Get inspired by Citadel


by Ole! Lighting

This suspension light offers a perfect combination of modern and vintage styles by using metal rods to create unique shapes. Matilde is offered in suspension with the use of metal rods available in a variety of finishes.

Get inspired by Matilde


by Icone

Murano blown glass with a smoky finish and sleek metal structure sets a perfect farmhouse scene. A modern candelabra, the Canaletto series consists of an 18 or 30 light chandelier in a variety of color combinations. 

Get inspired by Canaletto

You don’t need a lot to create a statement! The MINIMALIST interior design style is all about creating a simple and uncluttered space, revolving around a neutral color palette, with each piece holding a unique purpose. 


by Letroh

An LED surface spot with complete flexibility, a double pivot 90° horizontal inclination and 360° rotation around the vertical axis. The sleek and subtle design of Bob lends itself to minimalist styled spaces.


by Cini & Nils

A single piece of metal is transformed into a direct – indirect option with a graceful light and shadow effect. Available in six color finishes, Passepartout features a circle cut out for a slim and elegant design.

Get inspired by Passepartout


by Milan

Rediscover the spherical design with high functionality and style for ceiling, track and wall applications. Finishes for Bo-La include white, black, satin gold, brushed nickel and satin copper. 

Get inspired by Bo-La


by Cini & Nils

The simple circular design of this fixture paired with its matte finish options makes it an ideal option for a minimalist space. The matte black and white finishes enhance the essential simplicity of the perfect circle while bringing refinement to every interior.

Get inspired by Assolo

These products can be used for both residential and commercial projects, in a mix of designs style. We hope our products – design trend pairings inspire you!  

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